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  1. To promote the Quranic and Islamic research through conducting international conference annually and publish journal papers at international level.
  2. To give the opportunity to scholars and experts to work on projects adopted by the Centre, to get benefits from their experiences and efforts, as well as to facilitate the publication of their scientific works, especially lecturers.
  3. To produce high qualified scientific experts, due to serve the Holy Quran and its sciences based on the modern techniques.
  4. To give benefits to students in doing research; facilitate and guide them in their projects by given useful comments, guidance etc.
  5. To develop a methodology for research in the various fields of Islamic learning, due to serve the Holy Quran and its interpretation by all available means.
  6. To study/interpret the teaching of Islam in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world.

The results of the work done at the centre will be published in books, monographs, research report and quarterly journals, published in Malay, Arabic and English languages. The centre also will organize seminars, conferences and workshops to achieve and promote its objectives.


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