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Prospective authors are invited to submit their full paper in Microsoft Word document electronically by December 15th, 2010. Conditions of the papers to be submitted must follow the given instructed described below: 


1.   The researcher should submit a one page abstract using the language of

      research in which he/she describes the research topic, objectives,

      methodology in addition to the topic’s   relation to the Conference themes. The

      summary should be sent electronically with a short autobiography attached.

      (Due date abstract: 15 Oct 2010)

2.   All submissions should be made in Arabic, Malay or English language. 

3.   The length of the paper should not exceed twenty pages, including footnotes

      and bibliography.  

4.   The research paper written in English or Malay should use Microsoft

       word, size 12pt. and footnotes 10 pt. For Arabic, the paper should use

       traditional Arabic font, size 16pt., and footnotes 12pt. 

5.   The papers should be paginated in the footer and not the header. 

6.   A complete alphabetic list of references should be placed at the end of the


7.   Papers will be subject to academic referral. The referral committee of the

      Centre of Qur’anic Research will select a number of excellent papers for

      publication in its academic journal.More details about the journal, please

      refer here.


Important Notes:

 Authors should take the following notes into consideration: 

  • Submitted papers are subject to academic referral. 
  • The research should be objective and academic and adhere to academic methodology.
  • The research paper should provide a brief literature survey on the research subject.


The abstract paper to be submitted must be sent electronically through the email at or If there are any questions regarding this conference, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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