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The Certificate awarding ceremony for the trainers held at Multi- purpose Hall, Wisma R&D, University of Malaya, on 15 April 2012. The ceremony aimed to celebrate and appreciate the efforts of the Quran and Ibadah trainers. In addition, the ceremony also witnessed wonderful performances that were staged by the disabled children.

The ceremony started with the Al- Fatihah recitation by Asyraaf Zakwan (autism) and followed by the speech from Dr. Nazean Jomhari, one of the founders of AFI. Then, speeches were delivered by the parents' representive, Sister Hamimi and finally remarks from Prof. Dato' Dr. Zulkifli, the Director of Centre of Quranic Research (CQR).

Finally, several performance were presented which include: A video montage of AFI's activities, Al- Jabbari nasyid performed by the trainers, Al- Quran recitation by memorization (hafazan) by Nasrul (autism) and surah Al- Ikhlas recitation by Ammar and Anis (deaf). The ceremony ended with the presentation of gifts and certificates to the students and the trainers.

It is expected that same kind of ceremony will be held in future in order to appreciate students and trainers' achievement and to encourage the new students to the project.
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