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Fakih Classes



AFI's "al- Quran and Ibadah learning centre" has been operating its classes since 5 February 2012. The classes are conducted once a week, on every Sunday. The lessons are divided into two sessions, morning and evening, in order to make them effective. The morning session usually starts at 10.00am and ends at 12.00pm while the evening session starts at 2.00pm and ends at 4.00pm. The lessons are being conducted by twenty trainers who are mostly are the final year students of Islamic Education course of University of Malaya. To ensure the good standard of teaching, the trainers were trained practically the teaching method eight times in eight week.


The performance of each student is carefully observed and recorded during the lesson and the records of performance are respectively presented to the guardians. As six months passed, a significant progress in learning is observed. This progress and effectiveness of the method has been able to attract new students as a notable constant increase of the students is noticed. As a result, the parents of disabled children now started feeling the necessity of education for their special children.




Registration: RM150

Monthly Fees: RM100


Please refer to the link below, to download AFI's forms:



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