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The fees for The Annual International Qur'anic Conference 2011 are as follows:

 Category of Participants

Local Participants

Overseas Perticipants

Postgraduate Students

RM200 (MYR)

RM200 (MYR)

Postgraduate Students
(Outside UM)

RM300 (MYR)

$200 (USD)


RM400 (MYR)

$200 (USD)

 Category of Participants



*Conference Attendance

RM50 (MYR)

First 100 seats are provided on a "first come first serve basis"
(First Category)
RM200 (MYR)

Extra seats will be provided for other participants, which are not in the First Category

*To participate in this conference, please fill in this form (either WORD or PDF) and send it to organizer not later than 31 December 2010. Successful participants for first come first serve basis will be notify through email.

# Conference fee covers lunch and two refreshments for two days, a conference pack which include a copy of proceedings. The centre is not responsible for any costs or expenses related to travel or accommodation.

[Last update: 09-12-2010]

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