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Akademi Fakih Intelek (AFI) is one of the centres that facilitate children as well as disabled adults learning the Quran and ibadah. The Centre of Quranic Research (CQR) collaborates with AFI in its own research in order to find out a more facilitating approach that could effectively help the disabled children to learn the Quran. This project is concerned with students with disability of autism, syndrome down, cerebral palsy, deaf and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Though AFI is not a therapy centre for disables, it firmly believes that as the Quran is a syifa (cure) its learning can hopefully  enlighten their mind and soul.

The AFI method namely Fakih Method (Kaedah Fakih), is based on numbers and colors. This innovative method is an outcome or a long experience of its pioneer Dr. Nor  'Aziah Mohd Daud and her friends who faced difficulties and hardship in their effort of teaching the Quran to the students of 'special education' (pendidikan khas) who are mainly the deaf and mute. Nowadays, the "skip" method which is being practiced by most of the schools in Malaysia seems, in many cases, ineffective in teaching the disabled children (deaf and mute). Thus, it is observed that many of these particular students are discouraged from learning the Quran.

Mission of the Akademi Fakih Intelek (AFI):

1) To guide the disabled community how to approach, learn and know the Quran.

2) To encourage family members and society to help the disabled groups learning the Quran.

3) To develop and create various teaching aids to be used by the AFI trainers during the teaching and learning session.


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