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MHI (World Autism Day)

Dr. Nazean Gets Attention in MHI, TV3 in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day

Co-pioneer of 'Kaedah Fakih', Dr. Nazean Jomhari, Chairman of Akademi Fakih Intelek, Mr. Mohd. Zaini Mat Abas and their son, Asyraf Mohd. Zaini, an autistic child were invited as special guests in TV3's program, Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) in conjuction with 'World Autism Awareness Day' which falls on 2nd April of every year.

In conjuction with 'World Autism Awareness Day', TV3 through its program known as 'Malaysia Hari Ini' has invited Dr. Nazean Jomhari, Mr. Mohd. Zaini Mat Abas and their son, Asyraf Mohd. Zaini in order to discuss about autism and sharing their experiences in taking care of an autism child. Both of this strong parents together with a special education teacher, Mrs. Nor 'Aziah Mohd Daud have established Akademi Fakih Intelek, a learning centre specially for the disabled children to learn the Quran and ibadah. Though its establishment is still new but the learning centre receives encouraging response and support from the parents and local society due to the effectiveness of FAKIH syllabus and method in teaching the disabled children to learn and understand The Quran.

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