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Please read these Guidelines with care and attention: Failure to follow them may result in your paper being delayed.

Criteria and Requirement for Publications:


  1. Contributions may be written in Arabic, Malay or English language provided that all authors provide a one page summary in English.
  2. Submitted papers should be conducted on the Glorious Quran and it’s sciences, especially with regards to Information Technology and Applied Scientific Research on the Quran.
  3. Research paper should meet the requirements of academic standards and should contain the importance, objectives, literature review and other academic requirements. It should also include the most important conclusions and recommendations. 
  4. Cited chapters of the Quran should not be presented in the footnotes, but rather in the main body of the text. The author should cite chapter names and verse numbers as well as sources of hadiths and their respective degrees of authenticity. 
  5. Papers should have correct linguistic and grammatical form. Style should also be commendable.
  6. Please write clearly and concisely, clearly stating and defining objectives and terms. Arguments should be substantiated with well-reasoned supporting evidence.
  7. Authors should attach a brief personal autobiography,this note should be brief (50 words maximum) and include the author's institutional position and affiliation and a full address for correspondence.

Technical Requirements

  1. Papers written in the Arabic language should be single spaced and use the “Traditional Arabic” font. Arabic papers should be size 16, with a footnote size of 12. Papers in Malay or English language should be written using a size 12 font with a footnote size of 10. They should also use a “Times New Roman” font and be double spaced accordingly.
  2. Footnote citations should be made at the bottom of the page. Pages should have their numbers in the footer. Footnotes should also begin with the author followed by the book title, volume number if any, publishing house, edition number if any, year of publication and page number, respectively.
  3. Submitted articles should use the journal’s transliteration system. The journal uses the system of Arabic characters adopted by the Encyclopedia of Islam, New Edition, with the following exceptions: 1) no line under th, kh, dh, sh, gh; 2) j instead of dj, q instead of k. Transliterated words should be rendered in italics each time they appear. Terms common to English usage, e.g. those found in a recent unabridged dictionary, should not be italicized. Unicode font should be used for transliterations.
  4. A list of all references should be placed at the end of the paper. They should be ordered alphabetically, according to the author’s last name.
  5. The title of the paper. The title should provide a concise statement of the contents of the paper. 
  6. The author is eligible to publish the paper in any way, provided they cite the journal of origin.
  7. The Editor reserved the right to edit/format the manuscript to maintain a consistent style.



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