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The QURANICA is published twice a year, which publishes articles that dealing with all aspects of Al-Quran & Islamic research area, as well as other specializations that are related with Quranic research such as computing and sciences/technology. Contribution towards new theoretical results in all areas of computing, as well as sciences and technology is really much needed, due to serve the Holy Quran in all available means, especially for Muslim community world wide.Since then, this journal is targeted to achieve the objectives and scopes which highlighted as below:


The objectives:

    1. To provide new academic contributions and perspectives to the field of Quranic research while gaining wide-spread referral and achieving electronic publication.
    2. To serve the Glorious Quran and it’s sciences through academic research.
    3. To enhance scholarly networks and interactions between current research in the Quran and other disciplines by making use of the World Wide Web among varied modern information technology.
    4. To nurture expertise in the field of Qur’anic research while achieving a sound methodology in the aforementioned field.

Scopes/Focus of the Journal:

  1. Create Qur’anic research of high-standing and calibre as well as new contributions carried out according to an academic and scientific methodology. 
  2. Review of studies related to the Qu’ran and it’s sciences; including relevant, valued manuscripts on the topic which enrich the modern Qur’anic library.
  3. Research on modern applied sciences related to the Qu’ran and Islamic studies.
  4. Book reviews, reports on conferences, seminars and workshops concerning the Quran and it’s sciences.
  5. Recent works and academic research done on the Quran in the Muslim world, including University theses and dissertations.


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