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      Tahfiz al-Quran education in Malaysia is regarded as a highly important matter. This statement is proved by the establishment of the Darul Quran in year 1966, which is few years back before the establishment of Malaysia Federation. Darul Quran operated as the first official institute of tahfiz al-Quran education in Malaysia, under the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). Initially, Darul Quran started as tahfiz al-Quran learning centre located at Masjid Negara, until today, it became the institute of higher education with the expertise in the tahfiz al-Quran education.

Malaysia’s attempt in raising the tahfiz al-Quran education does not end there. In fact, even now, JAKIM under the Department of Prime Minister (JPM), is busy preparing the Tahfiz National Education Policy (Dasar Pendidikan Tahfiz Negara, DPTN). This is in addition to the government’s initiative in upgrading and integrating the tahfiz al-Quran curriculum. This is vital so that the excellence product of tahfiz education with the high capability in carrying the islamic messages and also for country development can be generated.

Thus, the organization of the International Tahfiz al-Quran Symposium at this moment is very crucial. This is because, the symposium will lead to the contribution of the scientific and practical findings to the people with authorities, thus helping them formulating the right policies for tahfiz education, as well as creating a perfect and balanced tahfiz curriculum or syllabus, in line with the time required. Therefore, in conjunction with the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Darul Quran, making it more meaningful, especially in supporting goverment’s effort to strengthen the role of Darul Quran not only as learning centre but also as a reference centre for the tahfiz al-Quran in Malaysia.


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