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     Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished papers on all aspects of Quranic research, based on the following areas and themes as listed below:

Sub-Theme 1: Method of Learning and Teaching (PdP) in Tahfiz Al-Quran Education

•    Creative mentod in learning and teaching tahfiz al-Quran.
•    Method of teaching tahfiz al-Quran for non-arab people.
•    Method of teaching tahfiz al-Quran for special need people.
•    Learing style of tahfiz al-Quran for new-era generation.
•    Problems in teaching and learning of  tahfiz al-Quran with its solutions.
•    Other related titles.

Sub-Theme 2: Method of Enhancement of Al-Quran Memorization

•    Current Technique in enhancing al-Quran memorization.
•    Tahfiz al-Quran programme and its  effect towards memorization enhancement.
•    Repetitive method that is effective to maintain the memorization.
•    Problems faced by al-Quran hafiz in maintaining memorization and its solutions.
•    Other related titles.

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