Centre of Quranic Research (CQR) is the first kind of Quranic & Islamic research centre in Malaysia, which had been established in February of 2010 by University of Malaya. An awareness of raison d’Otre of CQR will be meaningful in appreciating its efforts at a profound and insightful of Al-Quran and Islamic studies, for both National and International levels. Efforts and contributions towards the prosperity and glittering of Holy Quran is truly one of the most magnificent and most honorable deeds in Islam. Moreover, spending time for learning and teaching al-Quran and its Islamic studies is the most valuable time indeed.


CQR aims to sustain and promote a vital research in Quranic studies and Islamic research, as well as to explore any kind of research (Scientific research/education/heritage etc.), which can relate to Quranic and Islamic research. Scope of research under this centre could be varies, due to invite and encourage an active community of researchers, scholars and expertise to work altogether (collaborate) by promoting co-operation and discussion within the field or cross the interdisciplinary fields. To accomplish the goal, CQR conducts lectures, conferences & symposium on various topics, due to inculcate better understanding of Islam and it's teaching, based on Al-Quran and Hadith.


CQR uses modern technology for its activities, wherever feasible. CQR's activities and facilities provide the much needed understanding about the truth and excellence of Islamic teachings - based on the glorious Qur'an, as well as adhering to reasons, logic and scientific facts. Al-Quran is the basic source of Islamic worldwide and, therefore be the centre of attention in any Islamic academic and research centre. However, learning Quran is not limited to its recitation (Tilāwah), intonation (Tartīl) and well memorizing it only, but it exceeds to other aspects, such as learning the purposes of Quran, as well as knowing sciences in Quran, guidances, interpretations and also its wondrous nature. While teaching al-Quran, the teachers were responsible to ensure that their students/learners masters the reading aspect, as well as memorizing and reciting the Quran. The task does not only cover on those criterias, but it exceeds to other aspects, by spreading out its guidances and sciences in al-Quran using the different means of publications, i.e printing, compact discs and Internet. In the Muslim world, there are several institutions have been established, such as Research & Publishing Centre, libraries, Islamic Universities, centres for memorizing Quran, as well as academics centre.