The rounded shape formed of the first letter of the word (Quran) known in English as Quran. The letter Q in the logo represents both the perimeter and the diameter reflecting the highest area of interest of the Centre Quran Research and its area of specialization. The blue color in the logo is one of the colors used in the logo of University Malaya as well as the flag of Malaysia. The base of the letter Q shows two parallel lines, the first is connected to the letter itself indicating the source of the Quran while the second is connected with other three rounded shapes underneath representing both the direction and field of Qur’anic research connected with modern sciences. The background of the letter Q reflects a panel of electronic information connoting modern technological instruments. The letter Q also reflects a large manuscript of the Quran indicating the major interest of the CQR in the Quran. Beside the manuscript of the Quran, are located two spaces denoting scholarly contributions of early Muslims to both the exegesis of the Quran and the various disciplines of the Glorious Qur’an. The logo also contains an empty white space connoting modern research devoted to the Quran and future scholarly contributions. The light highlighting the manuscript shows research instrument in the form of a magnifier with a holder implying the existence of pairs in all of God’s creation as stated in the Quran (That has created pairs in all things) Chapter Al-Zukhruf, 43:12. On both sides of the letter Q however, to its right side, is the name of the Centre, Center of Quran Research, abbreviated in CQR. To its left side, there is the name of center in Arabic language. The three letters of CQR are written in the three shapes underneath the letter Q. At the base of the letter Q, the logo provides its date of inception in both Gregorian and Hijri dates (2010CE-1431AH).